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Two things I've learned in life. All things are fleeting and good can always come from any circumstance if we choose to let it.  However, I've learned that applying that can be much more challenging which is why this website is here. It's my hope that the material you find here, whether video, audio, blog, or a service I provide, will support you in implementing those. Though I believe in the spiritual realm, I also believe there is much we can do here on this physical realm to grow and shine.

I'm always here for you and sending you love. Please enjoy the website and be in touch!

"My Dog Taught Me ACIM!" Miracle Share by Rev. Kelly Hallock

"My Dog Taught Me ACIM!" Miracle Share by Rev. Kelly Hallock

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Videos (Before 2020)
Podcasts (before 2022)
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Listen to my most recent podcast - or download them all! There are many hours of listening on a variety of topics where I share my thoughts and my heart with you!

Services I Offer

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Coaching / Counseling

Safe & Confidential.

Empowering. Donation-based.

I lean towards a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) approach, looking at your thoughts and behaviors, and develop strategies on how to change those so you can live magnificently as you.

Sessions may include meditation, writing, talking, drawing, or other methodologies tailored to you and your preferences and personality.


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Weddings, Funerals, and the In Between

Whether it's a wedding, recommitment ceremony, funeral, or a house blessing, I'd love to lead you through the planning and be your officiant. These special milestones deserve special attention which you'll receive from me and design a ceremony that truly reflects who you are and the specialness of the day. 

It's a day all about you and/or your loved one. Let's make it perfect.

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