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How Ritual Helps Love

Each day before getting out of bed, I listen to 2 meditations - one on setting my intentions for the day and a second that calls forth good for all beings. I then move to my meditation area, read 5 prayers, do a blessing, use mall beads and other rituals. I then have breakfast, get ready for the day and go to work. Upon arriving there, I turn on the computers and copier, then do a blessing on the space and pray that all persons who come into the space are blessed and commit to being a channel for love and Spirit, so that I may serve and support all around me. Then when my colleague arrives, we read the “A Course in Miracles” daily lesson together.

Some would say this is excessive. Others would say it is too ritualistic, but it works for me. I don’t recommend that anyone do exactly what I do. Not because it’s too much or that I want to trademark it - but because it’s my practice. And your practice should be yours. It may be that having a structure like this helps you to focus your day. It may be that it’s a distraction. And that’s where spiritual sovereignty comes in - the duty that each person has to take responsibility for their spiritual journey, to actively consider what they believe and what works for them.

Currently this is what I start my workday with because it supports me in remembering and acting from a space of Love. I believe that’s the goal of all beings, our soul purpose, is to remember ourselves as One with Love. So, I encourage you to explore various practices and teachings until you find what resonates with you and once you know your path, commit to it and listen to your heart. There will be days that you do less than you planned, and then know that the loving thing is to choose differently the next day. Don’t bully yourself for the choice you made, nor neglect yourself tomorrow. Be the Love that you are - to yourself and from there, it will flow to others.

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