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I am a Drop in the Ocean and That's Enough!

Recently, I’ve been looking at the thoughts of “I’m not ___ enough.” it can range from “I’m not skinny enough” to “I’m not spiritual enough” to “I’m not good enough.” The ironic thing is that the comparisons that come from asking if we are good enough are anything but good and create an endless ladder of comparison which we never reach the top of.

Yet, A Course in Miracles teaches that we have never left heaven nor have done anything to tarnish the perfect creation that God created us to be. So why do we think we are not good enough? Because we’ve forgotten the truth of who we are. We are mis-taken about our identity as anything other than a Child of God.

Some days I look at all the things I’ve “done wrong” or judge others for the ways they have “wronged” me. Yet, if I can look beyond the surface appearance, it’s usually easy to see that the person was doing the best that they could. I was doing the best that I could. And if we are doing the best we could, how can we judge for something we were incapable of doing differently? Maybe we think things “should” have been different but they weren’t and to say that was wrong is to take the position that I know better than God which is the ultimate of arrogance.

I love the example that we are as a drop in the ocean of God. I am not God in its entirety, yet I am a part of God, have all of the characteristics of God and cannot be separated from my essence of being One with God. Even if the drop is removed from the ocean, it is still ocean water and nothing can ever change where it came from. Likewise, nothing can be done and there is nothing I can do that changes who I am - a perfect, whole, complete child of God who is absolutely enough just as I am.

What I do still encourage though is that we be open to learning how to act consistent with our nature. It’s like a princess. She is born into royal family but doesn’t know how to curtsey or carry herself as a princess from birth - it’s something she learns. Likewise, we learn to express our Oneness with Love by having the intention and willingness to act from Love and be open to learn from Spirit how that is to look.

It’s a balance - to know who I am and to acknowledge when I don’t know how to act consistently with who I am. That doesn’t make me bad or wrong or less than, it just makes me a work in process that is learning more each day. I’m up for that! Releasing guilt and shame while being willing to grow and move into Love. Sending much Love to you as you continue on your journey!

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