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My "Resume"

At Craters of the Moon Natl Park
  • Dog mom 

  • Former waitress, school teacher, Federal agent, and assistant minister

  • Previously certified as a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist with NASM and also as a Spinning Instructor 

  • Studied Christianity, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Science of Mind (not Scientology), Buddhism, New Thought, and Shamanism (to varying degrees) 

  • Certificated as a Community Counselor from Southern California Counseling Center - Los Angeles, California

  • Ordained as an ACIM minister from Community Miracles Center - San Francisco, California

  • A.S. in Computer Science from College of the Canyons - Santa Clarita, California

  • B.A. in Biblical Studies, emphasis in Youth Ministry from The Master's University, Santa Clarita, California

  • Teaching Credentials in Math, English, and TOEFL (teaching ESL learners) primarily from California State University East Bay

  • B.S. in Law from Northwestern University of Law

  • M.B.A. with emphasis in accounting from University of Phoenix

My "Story"


     So let's get the basics out of the way first - I was born in Southern California, raised in San Francisco Bay Area, and alternated between those before relocating to an island in Washington state in 2018 where I currently live. I'm 49 years old, divorced and happily single, have one estranged sibling, and my parents have been married 60+ years. Education and jobs are above.

     I always felt I was different from my family, friends, peers, etc. as drawn to God/spirituality. It's led me to a lot of amazing experiences including taking on some vey challenging careers. However it also has led me to some very poor relationship choices such as staying in a marriage that was very damaging and lots of pain when narcissistic ministers who claimed spiritual authority tried to use me despite their very unspiritual lifestyles. 

     Now, I have moved into a space of trying to live what I believe was Jesus' summary of all that we need do: "‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind... [and] Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-40)

     So that's what I try to do: Love God (as I understand God to be), be kind to others, and be kind to myself. Hopefully this site reflects that and encourages you to do the same.

Foundational Principles

  • You are unique and should be cherished as such. Authenticity is valued and encouraged.

  • You are responsible for how you respond to your life - and that  can translate into power, freedom, and healing - and you allow others to live as they choose.

  • Physical health means being able to live your life how you want to. Scales, clothing sizes, and calories, do not need to control you.

  • God is Love and however you approach that is right for you. All religions have merit and should be viewed with consideration of the people and societies from which they came as well as context within the writing.

  • People, animals, plants, and all things, should be honored and treated with kindness, respect, and love. Without kindness, you not only hurt others but also yourself.

  • You deserve to be happy and you are beautiful.

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