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Fields of Marigolds

Healthy Life Support

It's not about how much you weigh, the size you wear, or meeting societal expectations of how you should look. It's about having a healthy relationship with your body and your mind so that you can do what you want, when you want, however you want to.

(Discounts are offered when you opt for a larger number of sessions and

pricing may vary so please contact me to discuss this further.)

Healthy Body

Healthy Life Support focuses on your physical health and what can be done to improve that.  I support you in becoming more aware about what you are putting into your body (food/drink) and what you are doing with it (exercise).  We will then work together to make changes that make sense, help you feel better and result in you feeling happier with your choices. Exercise is geared to what you enjoy and works for you. It may be a gym membership or it may just be walking the dog. There's no judgment, just empowerment.


Healthy Mind

Yo-yo dieting doesn't happen because we wanted to regain the weight - it's because we need to work with our thinking as well! Though Healthy Life Support focuses on the body, permanent change requires that we spend time looking at the things that may have been barriers in the past to maintaining your health and develop skills and patterns so you can experience long term success! 

Healthy Spirit

Along with our times together, I may recommend that you try additional modalities to assist you in your journey. These may include aromatherapy, massage, meditation, art therapy, journaling, or anything else that we agree supports you. These are recommendations and are optional. I do not benefit from any referrals I may give you. So rest assured that I am only making these suggestions based on what I'm guided to share with you and not for a profit.

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