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The 2016 Election Doesn't Matter

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The election results don’t matter at all. They really don’t. Whether Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or a third-party candidate gets elected as president, it just doesn't really matter.

Now I’m sure some of you are about to riot, but read with me for a few before you get too worked up. First, this country has had its ups and downs. We’ve had leaders we hated and leaders we loved. We’ve been in wars and we’ve had times of peace. We’ve been through the Great Depression and we’ve had times of great prosperity.

Things move onward constantly and after going in one direction, they always have turned and go the other direction. Knowing this, if we can accept that all things are fleeting, we can let go of our attachments knowing that the cycle is always changing. Buddhism teaches this as the practice of non-attachment - not clinging to our cravings and aversions, thereby releasing the root of all suffering.

When we release our beliefs of what should or should not be, we can then trust that God/Holy Spirit are infinitely greater than anything we can imagine. A Course in Miracles teaches that all things are gently planned by One whose purpose is for our good (OrEd.Wkbk.135.19) and that "a happy outcome to all things is sure" (OrEd.Wkbk.292). How often have you been in the midst of a situation that you thought was awful only later to realize the blessing that it was? A Course in Miracles is saying that is true of all “bad” things in our lives! Holy Spirit can see beyond the immediate circumstances to the eternal and knows what is best for us even if we don’t know it for ourselves.

So should those engaged in spiritual practice not vote? Please be clear that I’m not saying that or suggesting that we become apathetic. We are called to be teachers of God, sharing Love and light. We should do what we are led by Holy Spirit to do. That may include working at a campaign center or posting your thoughts on Facebook about your preferred candidate - that's something for you to decide.

Yet, we find our peace from knowing the “Kingdom of God is within,” (OrEd.Wkbk.77.3) so does the outcome really matter? Not really other than what the opportunities we face for growth and healing will look like over the next four years. Maybe we will see them as more fun or less so, but we can still trust that "all things work together for good"(OrEd.Tx.4.69).

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