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5 Lessons From an Injured Ankle

Several months ago, I injured my back and it hurt a lot. I’m doing better now but still on pain medications which may be the reason that a few weeks ago I fell down some stairs and injured my ankle. One person told me I didn’t need to keep injuring myself to get attention. Several have given me advice on what they think I should do to heal both my back and ankle. More than anything, I have been listening to myself and Spirit and would like to share 4 lessons I’m learning with you:

1.) Being upset doesn’t make things better - it just makes me upset. Being upset won’t fix my ankle. Being upset won’t prevent me from being in pain. It just makes me upset and distracts me from being grateful for the things I do have. If a child fell down, I wouldn’t yell at them for being clumsy, rather I’d kiss their boo-boo to make it better. Why does a few years reverse that for how we treat ourselves?

2.) I’ve come to believe more and more that everything is for my good. I may not know how or why, but somehow God/Spirit/Universe is having me experience this for my good. My response-ability is to choose how I am going to respond to my experiences.

3.) The only moment I have is the present one. The past is over and done. Planning for the future is guess work at best as I don’t know what things could change between now and then. What I can do is be aware in the moment of each step I take. I can focus on enjoying the sunlight while I sit on the patio and write the blog (with my foot elevated) or I can be oblivious to the birds chirping and the gentle breeze trying to manage something that will never happen.

4.) The Loving choice is to do what’s best for me which also applies to how I eat, when I exercise, how I schedule my day, etc. etc. No one really knows what I am experiencing or what makes me function at my best. Even if I try to explain it to someone, I am limited by my words and they are limited by their interpretation of my words. I need to trust that I know myself and can hear guidance from Spirit and trust that I am being led to the best choices for me. In doing that, I can still be gracious and kind in my responses to others while still respecting myself.

5.) Be gentle with myself. Part of being Loving is acknowledging what my limitations currently are and be willing to ask for support from others as I need it. Life isn't a competition. We all end up with the same final outcome and I don't need to prove myself to anyone other than myself.

It’s a beautiful day and even a bit gimpy, I’m choosing to enjoy it and sending you love and happy thoughts also!

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